Sunny Hill Burro Essay

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Five miles from the small town of St. Joseph, Michigan in the sloping hills of the beaches lies an ancient, rickety house known as Sunny Hill Cottage. In no sense was it as cheerful as the name implies. The white paint was weathered and peeling in spots, and the windows bore cracked blue shutters. A low moaning sound echoed, perhaps nothing more than the wind blowing down the lopsided chimney. Inside, tropical colors along with spider webs adorned the walls. Outdated furniture filled the five rooms and an aroma of dust permeated the air.
Around noon on the Fourth of July, my family arrived and as we stared at our somber surroundings in Sunny Hill Cottage, the place in which we would unfortunately inhabit for the next month, we all agreed the
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Eyes flickered with wonder as a rocket would gush into the dark curtain that was the sky. The colors of red, white, and blue dazzled before our eyes. One by one, the roman candles would pop, our ears crackling. We stared at the sky as fireworks floated into glittering silver showers and sprinkled into a thousand sparks. I gazed intently, as my favorite firework swirled into a spiral mixed of white and blue. Suddenly, the show concluded with a few roaring crackles as the fireworks whizzed upwards into the sky and plummeted like scarlet waterfalls. My family and I glanced around at each other with smiles wide across our faces and laughed as we had savored every moment of the brevity of the show.
Perhaps, Sunny Hill Cottage and its significance is best explained by the memories my family and I formed. Memories such as the night of the Fourth of July. These lasting memories surpassed the gloom of the cottage. Furthermore, these memories exceeded the lackluster appearance of the deteriorated white outside walls with the damaged shutters. The musty inside of the cottage with its faded colors is replaced by my memories. Despite, the despair of Sunny Hill Cottage there are enduring memories, in which will be appreciated for a
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