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The Sundale Club as a whole is facing multiple issues. Membership is currently dropping; membership in previous years was at capacity with people awaiting membership on the waiting list. Now, management is considering holding a membership drive in order to attract new members to fill vacancies. Most of Sundale’s income is generated by the social activities that members attend, with the drop in membership the income flowing into Sundale is also decreasing. The declining membership must be reversed in order to maintain the business. Another issue effecting Sundale is the amount of stress the employees are experiencing. Some of the stress can be associated to the change in personnel. Changes in the structure of the organization…show more content…
The climate of an organization must be one that is conducive to change for it to be effective. (Brown, D., 2011, pg 154) The psychological contract between the employees and employer has also been affected by the behaviors of both Mr. Watts and Mr. Ellis. A psychological contract is an unwritten agreement about expectations between organization and individuals. (Brown, D., 2011, pg 14) Management’s failure to act on the issues arising indicates that they condone the harassing behavior of Mr. Johnson, employees assume that management will do its best to ensure an environment free of harassment and intimidation, which they are clearly failing to do.
The structural and psychosocial subsystems are being affected. The structural subsystem is being affected by the behavior of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ellis, and Mr. Watts. Structural subsystems are the designs, policies, and procedures set forth by the organization. (Brown, D., 2011, pg 41) The employees have followed the chain of command set forth by the organization to deal with problems and change that arise. Both Mr. Ellis and Mr. Watts failed to follow through on their duties by neglecting to address the issue. Most organizations have a policy against sexual harassment and employers have a duty to uphold a harassment free environment, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Watts failed at this measure also. Promoting Mr. Johnson to a supervisory role also disrupted the normal chain of command within the
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