Sunrise Is A City Of Sunrise

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Sunrise, Florida is a delightful city with a comical beginning. In 1961, developer Norman Johnson constructed an upside-down house to attract homebuyers to the then rural area. It worked, bringing in thousands, and earning him a Life Magazine spread. His 2,650-acre golf course community became the City of Sunrise in 1971. Today, Sunrise is a lot more than an architectural oddity. It 's home to premier shopping and entertainment venues and the BB&T Center, where the Florida Panthers play. Best Time to Visit Sunrise, FL Sunrise enjoys a tropical climate. While there isn 't an off-time for visiting Florida, there are some times of the year that are less expensive and slightly less crowded than others. On the Atlantic side of Florida, you 'll see the deepest discounts during hurricane season, which runs from June first through November 30th. The summer is steamy with temps averaging in the low 90s. Humidity is often between 80 and 90 percent, and localized showers in the late afternoons are fairly common in June and July. But the storms quickly pass and the sun returns. While temps don 't begin to drop out of the 90s until October, a visit in September can be ideal. Students are back in school and the snow birds have not yet descended on Florida. The crowds are minimal, the pools and ocean are warm, and hotels offer discounts to attract visitors. The average hotel rate for a three-star hotel in Sunrise is around $100 a night before taxes. December through March is peak time,
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