Sunset Grill at Blue

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Executive Summary

The Sunset Grill-at-Blue, an all-breakfast franchise, located in the Village at Blue Mountain, Ontario is currently operated by Bruce Melhuish. Even though the franchise was named Business of the Year in the counties of Simcoe and Grey, the first year of operation resulted in breaking even. Sunset’s service concept is aimed at providing affordable family meals. The restaurant features an open-concept kitchen, which allows Melhuish to oversee the
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The average turn from the time customers receive their food to the time they exit the restaurant, is 32 minutes. Additionally, it appears that even the experienced staff has difficulties in serving the customers as the demand exceeds labor utilized creating queues on the weekends of up to 25 minutes.
The restaurant also shares the same occupancy pattern as The Village at Blue Mountain, which results in lower sales during shoulder seasons (April, May, October and November). During the months of extreme weather conditions the restaurant’s capacity is reduced as the patio of 40 seats become inoperable. In addition, the restaurant could not receive daily inventory deliveries from Toronto, which resulted in paying a premium on effective inventory management.

Problem Statement

Sunset Grill at Blue is understaffed and lacks adequate seating capacity to accommodate the demand of customers during the weekend.


Bruce Melhuish has finished his first year as a franchisee of Sunset Grill and has had some difficulties. He is staying focused on differentiating his restaurant due to his clientele. Bruce’s Business-to-customer experiences create added value by engaging and connecting with the customer in a personal and memorable way. (Fitzsimmons, Fitzsimmons, & Bordoloi 2014). He has done this by deviating from the franchise model by adding personal touches to the restaurant such as a unique set of salt and pepper shakers, serving a small

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