Sunset Park High School: Student Analysis

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At every step of life considering the current world, a person of my age is possibly attached to a series of institutions that have molded them in a way or the other. But either way, schooling does not only end at the academic level but do entail so much that is responsible for the upbringing of an individual. In this paper, which is more of an academics autobiography is going to talk much about my schooling all through from the preliminary stage to later stages and finally to where I am right now. In the paper, I am going to analyze the role various institutions have played in my life, the role my teachers, parents, family and friends have played. The role the public administration has played in my life and far much the role of each and every…show more content…
We used to do a lot of community services at the time I was at Sunset Park High School, and the teachers designed and taught us the importance of our efforts in building the society both materially and morally. In Sunset Park High School, our Career teacher gave us the insights to understand the aspects of growth in one’s career and building on a future prospect in a particular field (Rodriguez, 2010). I have at most of the time geared my career objectives as per the instructions I got from the teachers at Sunset Park High…show more content…
When one indulges in this with a weak heart might make one loose hope but thanks to my parents, siblings, family members and friends who have been a part of this walk. During my early stages, our family was undergoing some financial crises that always saw us move from place to place and even moved across states in search of better work condition. My father was in search of a job with better pay that would help the family survive because at that time; my mother was employed neither was she doing any business and was just a loving and caring housewife. This affected my schooling procession and catching up at those different institutions was a major challenge. It’s my mother who used to give me some heads up on how to go through all
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