Sunshine Day Care Center Research Paper

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The Sunshine Day Care Center has sixteen children. To be eligible for Sunshine Day Care Center, children have to be potty trained. Rudy’s mom is worried. Rudy needs daycare so she can take the full time job she is trying to get, but Rudy is not potty trained yet. Rudy is three years old and insists on wearing diapers. The teacher at Sunshine Day Care Center told Rudy’s mom not to worry. She believed that once Rudy started at the center, she would see the other children using the toilet, and since Rudy would want to be a big girl, she would want to learn how to use the toilet, too. Rudy would no longer be interested in diapers. The teacher encouraged Rudy’s mom to take her shopping for big girl underwear, so she took Rudy shopping. Rudy picked
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