Sunshine Fashions- Summary of Case Study

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Sunshine Fashion Case Study Questions Q 1. What are the root causes – individual and contextual -- for the employee misbehavior at Sunshine? Ans 1. Individual misbehaviour in any organisation is not only dependent on an individual’s psychology but is also affected by many variables such as the Organisation structure, Work environment, operating procedures etc. However, the phenomenon of misbehaviour can be better understood in terms of motives and opportunity. Employees commit unethical conduct because of one of the motives of - greed, financial benefit, or other individual motivations and these motives flourish in the absence of effective monitoring mechanisms and effective leadership in the work environment. Sunshine Fashions’…show more content…
(g) Organisational policy – Sunshine lacked an appropriate tolerance organisational policy that defined unacceptable behaviour, the penalties for such behaviour, and provided a channel for communicating issues. Q 2. To what degree might the counter-productive work behaviors of one employee at Sunshine effect the behavior of other workers? How might this contagion effect occur? Ans 2. The counter-productive work behaviour at Sunshine occurred due to flaws in Leadership, reward allocation and work environment. The counterproductive work behaviour at the worker level can be resolved by the management and good leadership and generally does not affect the behaviour of other workers. However, in case of Sunshine, the management itself was involved in this kind of behaviour. Hence, all the staff placed under these managers shall be directly affected by this behaviour. In the work environment, people working at the lower level always look up to the higher level for role models. If the role models pick up counter-productive work behaviours then that organisation is likely to be doomed in short time as the flow of these things is always from top to bottom. In case of Sunshine, since many of the branch

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