Sunsilk Promotion Strategy

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History of Sunsilk Shampoo Sunsilk was launched in 1954, in the UK, Sunsilk had quickly become Unilever’s leading international shampoo brand. By 1959, it was available in eighteen countries world-wide marketable devices that identify and differentiate the brand. Brand Branding Decisions Branding strategy is one of the most vital decisions taking by marketers. It is a strategy, which brings lots of positive feedback for a firm. Indivual name: Unilever follow individual name for setting brand name for their different products, such as Sunsilk, Dove (Shampoo), Ponds, Fair & lovely, Dove for skin care. Brand Elements Brand elements can play a number of brand building roles. Band elements are those trades Brand elements…show more content…
Competitor review: The major competitor of Sunsilk in rural areas is BIO AMLA and in urban areas Sunsilk mainly cutthroat of Head & Shoulder. The main advantage of BIO Amla is herbalcomposition, low prices, which attract rural market but in term of quality they are far behindSunsilk shampoo. In urban areas Sunsilk acting market challenge with Head & Shoulder.Sunsilk has got the advantage of keeping their prices lower than P&G but P&G has captured a large market share due to its intense promotional activities. Milestones 1954 – Sunsilk first launched in the UK. 1955 – First advertisement of Sunsilk appeared on TV. 1964 – Launch of Sunsilk hair spray. 1968 – Sunsilk shampoo re-packaged in PVC bottles. 1971 – Launch of Sunsilk conditioner. 1975 – Sunsilk became the biggest name in hair care. 2003 – Sunsilk glossy magazine launched in Argentina. 2008 – Social networking site Gang of Girls was introduced in India. Celebrity associations Madonna, Shakira Marilyn Monroe Humaima Malick pakistan Priyanka Chopra India singer Delta Goodrem Australia. . Gang of Girls In 2008, Sunsilk India launched a social networking site called Gang of Girls,[7] which offered its users access to a variety of local and global experts to address various hair care needs through its

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