Sunspot Inc Case Study

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Case Study # 1 – Sunspot Inc.
1. What are the most likely benefits of forming strategic supply alliances with Sunspot’s key suppliers?
I believe that it is important to realize that a strategic alliance or partnership is solely depended on trust and faith in the relationship between all involved in simultaneous stages should not change or use those stages for their own advantage without consideration of the organization involved. Some of the advantages would be:
- Developing competences and learning form the partners
- Suitability and protection of resources is maintained
- Developing low cost models hence financial benefit
- Each partner can concentrate on different stages of the supply

2. What are the disadvantages or risks of
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4. Should Glass suggest a materials manager?
Material manager deals with the tangible components of a supply chain covering the acquisition and replacement of parts, quality control of purchasing and ordering parts, and the standards involved in ordering, shipping, and warehousing those parts. I think in this case, it would be beneficial for the company to hire one; it would consolidate all aspects of the supply chain and better the communication between all the departments involved.
5. Should Glass build up her inventories?
I don’t think it’s just a matter of building up the inventory. All you are doing there is trading the cost of higher freight bills for the cost of keeping a larger inventory. It’s not just building the inventory, its accurately building the inventory through better forecasting.

Case Study # 3 – Pacific Healthcare
1. What alternatives should Barney Rubble consider when addressing the problem?
It is clear that there are several cheaper options than Kodak. The problem is that Kodak also furnishes X-ray equipment at a lower price, including maintenance and service because of the single supplier agreement they have with Pacific. So while he may save on film by going with a cheaper option, he may have to pay more for the equipment service and maintenance. These are all things Mr. Rubble should consider.
2. Should Pacific’s supply policies allow for any

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