Sunway Berhad Financial Statement

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Sunway Berhad was established in 1974 and began as a tin mining company which came from a subsidiary of Sungai Way Corporation Sendirian Berhad. The founder of Sunway Berhad is Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah. He was born in Pusing at Ipoh, Perak. Dr. Jeffrey. Cheah had moved to Australia to pursue a business degree at Victoria University in Melbourne. He has been conferred eight honorary doctorates by leading universities worldwide and is among the leading givers in the country. After he came back from his study, he became an accountant at motor assembly plant in Malaysia.
Today, Sunway Berhad becoming one of Malaysia’s largest public listed property-construction corporations with a combined market capitalization of RM13 billion, a 14,000 strong employee base and 12 business divisions across 50 location worldwide. The business divisions include trading and manufacturing, quarry and building materials, leisure,
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Financial statement is to provide information in relation to the financial performance financial position, and cash flow of an entity that is useful for management or users to making economic decisions. Under FRS101”Presentation of Financial Statements” provide a clear guidance that in order to improve the standard of financial reporting, an entity should concern about the analysis for the nature expenses. Paragraph 29 of FRS101 requires that an entity shall present separately each each material class of similar items and present separately items of dissimilar nature unless they immaterial. The entity shall disclose their nature and amount separately as required by Paragraph 97 of FRS101 if found any material items of income and expenses . The entity shall make a classification based on their nature or function within the entity. Besides, the entity should choose a method which will provide information that is reliable and relevant to the activities and operations of the

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