Super Bowl Research Paper

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We are going on the fiftieth Super Bowl coming this February. According to Jack Jones, (who is a sports handicapper that covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and NCAA Basketball. He also created the website only fifteen cities have ever hosted the Super Bowl. Glendale has hosted the Super Bowl in the past and with the success of having the event take place in the Phoenix-Glendale area I wouldn’t be surprised when the city gets the bid again in the future. With the beautiful weather and visual attractions this would be an idea place for anyone to attend the Super Bowl. The amount of money that this type of event bring to a city like Glendale cannot be duplicated. I would like you share the cities that have hosted the world’s biggest event in the past. According…show more content…
It seems that every year the amount of money the Super bowl generates tops the record from the previous season, and the record number of people watching from one year to the next is broken. So much organizing and money is spent that I can’t begin to imagine the amount of preparation that goes into planning an event like this. I give so much credit not only to Arizona for hosting such a successful event but for the Host Committee to do what they do year in and year out is truly amazing. So many things come into play when the Super Bowl Committee has to select which city is going to host the world’s biggest game. All of these things are taken care of without the public being aware. So it’s easy for fans to just assume that Glendale, New York, or New Orleans are not giving up anything when these cities host such big events. I have become acute to many things that go on behind the scenes when these games are planned. So we see how much money Glendale’s economy takes in from this type of event. Next we will see what kind of economic impact hosting the Super Bowl has on the city of New
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