Super Frog Saves Tokyo Essay

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Japanese is a very wonderful place that offers a lot of tourist spots which will give you doubt if you will stay there or leave. This has something to do with the story that we will discuss to you.

The short story entitled Super Frog saves Tokyo is a postmodern type of story with fiction theme. This is because of the wild imagination of the character which is the result of his busy life in Tokyo. The characters in the story are Mr. Katagiri and the Frog which are the protagonist or the main characters in the story. They don’t change and are both good and bad or simply belongs to the Flat classification of characters. The story happened on February 17 and 18, 1995 at Tokyo where busy people lives. The narrator in the story is an Observer-narrator.
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The beginning of the story was when Katagiri went home in his apartment and then he saw a giant frog waiting for him. He was surprised because he never expected that he would have a visitor that day and the worst is his visitor is a frog. After that, the frog apologized for his rudeness in coming inside the apartment without asking any permission from him. He also introduced himself to Mr. Katagiri. He felt uneasy that time because he is talking to a frog. He also thought of different things that maybe some people are making fun of him. But as he watched the frog boils water he realized that it can’t be just a costume. So, after the frog had done preparing the tea for the both of them, he sat down and talked to Katagiri. The frog apologized for the second time around and explained why it is in his apartment. And it is because he has to tell some urgent and very important information to Mr. Katagiri. He felt nervous while looking at frog while he was explaining things to him. Then Mr. Katagiri got a pack of cigarettes and lit one stick. He asked the frog if it was connected or a member to a gang, but the frog just laughed at him. Then it told Mr. Katagiri he knew his life and know him well. As the frog explained to him, Mr. Katagiri scanned the room to find if there was a hidden camera installed. The frog told Mr. Katagiri that they were only just two of them in the room. He also told that their situation wasn’t just a…show more content…
Katagiri for a very long time and saw how courageous man he is for being a hardworking man for raising his siblings due to their parent’s death. But Mr. Katagiri refused to fight with the worm because according to him, he is not strong. But frog told him that he needs to defeat the worm to save the life of the people in Tokyo. Soon, Mr. Katagiri accepted the mission and the frog assured the man to give everything that he needs on the fight with the worm. The frog even said that he will handle the whole situation. The next day, the man received a phone call saying that the company will pay them and promised not to send a frog anymore. Then they went to the bank and Mr. Katagiri felt ashamed for the people but the frog said that only Mr. Katagiri can see him they got the money. Mr. Katagiri asked the frog if he can escape on the last minute of the fight because he was so scared but the frog refused to his request again and cheered up Mr. Katagiri with his fight with the worm. He said that he will support him and trust him no matter so Mr. Katagiri fought with the worm. But unfortunately, Mr. Katagiri was shot. And when he wakes, he is already at the hospital. And asked the nurse about the date and if he was shot but the nurse said he doesn’t so, he was puzzled. So he asked the nurse why and how he was brought to the hospital. The nurse answered somebody found him lying at the hospital since the last day and also said that he had a bad

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