Super High Me by Micahel Blieden

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In this documentary, Super High Me directed by Michael Blieden, he gives an interesting argument on how marijuana affects one individual. In this film, he shows that in one month, while using marijuana, the negative mental and physical changes that take effect. For this documentary, he chooses Doug Benson, a comedian who uses marijuana on a regular bases. What he wanted Benson to do was not smoke for the first 30 days, then have him smoke continues through the next 30 days. This film was made to tell people if they smoked marijuana every day throughout their lives, it would affect their lungs but not do any mental damage. It’s a spinoff of Super-Size Me, which was showing you how eating fast food for 30 days is bad for you. Beforehand starting this experiment, Benson was not sober. The experiment timeline goes for 60 days. For the first 30 days he cannot smoke any marijuana. The next 30 days, he is required to smoke marijuana everyday. Throughout the days, when smoking and non-smoking, he will be tested academically, physically, and psychologically. This documentary was based off the movie Super-Size Me, directed by Morgan Spurlock. In Super Size Me; Morgan Spurlock eats McDonalds for every meal for 30 days. To see how fast food in that amount affects the body. Doug smoked for 30 days straight, to see what would happen to him. During the first 30 days, Doug was required to stay clean. Within the first week, he talks to his audience on how difficult it has been not to

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