Super Mom Research Paper

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The super mom who wasn’t so super The mighty mom, who seems undefeatable, is terrified of a slithery serpent. Maybe she isn’t so super after all. “Sss,” rattles the snake, as mom tends to the garden outside. She walks down her patch of daisies, picking the dead brown cranny flowers and watering the other flowers. The sound of the snake left mom petrified, causing her to run inside away from all slithery, slimy organisms. Mom is afraid of every poisonous snake. The scare from the snake caused mom’s curiosity to rise. Her curiosity led her to do some research on snakes and to determine what kind of threat this snake in her garden is causing. Once she did some research, she came to the conclusion that she needed a professional to come and look at the snake with her so they could tell her whether the next step should be to eliminate this old pest. The professional told her to “just stay away from the snake’s and to not bother them and they won’t bother you”. So once she took the expert’s advice, she eventually overcame her fear of the snakes, and learned not to worry about snakes and just to let them be.…show more content…
The first step was exposure to snakes in order to establish some sort of level of comfort with the snake. So in order for her to accomplish this task,
She went to a pet store and asked the sales clerk “May I hold a few snakes with your
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