Super Objective And Through Line Of Actions

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5. Super-objective and through line of actions: The super-objective of this scene is for Rothko to have a purpose and Ken to peek into becoming an artist. Through the repeated sequence of reading, discussing, improvising, discussing and then returning the script I discovered more about the super-objective for the character. Ken’s super objective is to become an artist. The whole reason why he is working in the first place and puts up with Rothko’s behavior for so long is because he truly believes that he will be rewarded in the end. During the improvisation for the scene I constantly identified that Ken does not want to engage in any conflict with Rothko. He has the bigger picture in mind. The super-objective is evident in the characters inner motive forces, as well as through line of actions. Ken’s super objective is carried out by the completion of his verbal and physical actions. He is mainly driven by his thoughts. These ideas and dreams that Ken has influence his actions and emotions and give him the strength and motivation. Ken is driven by his desire and passion. 6. Characters Tempo-Rhythm: Tempo-Rhythm is still an interesting concept. Tempo is the speed at which an action is executed and rhythm is the intensity with which the action is executed. A few things influence the Tempo-Rhythm for this scene. The physical layout of the scene has some distinct effects on the concept. The scene starts out with shorter and lines that are delivered quickly. Most of the lines

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