Super Power Should Have More Benefits Of Power

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At some point in our lives, we all wished we had super powers. Most of us grew up watching movies like Superman or The Incredibles, which awakened in us the desire to have their abilities. I used to imagine how different, easy and awesome my life would be if I were to have super powers, but I never thought on which one would I prefer if I were told to pick just one. It is indeed a difficult answer, since there are so many choices of useful and incredible powers; but I would say that having Superhuman Speed is the most convenient and valuable of them all. Being super fast has more benefits than any other power because it does not only include super speed but also time traveling, eating whatever you like without getting fat, and going anywhere…show more content…
If you are super fast, you could be anywhere in a matter of minutes or seconds, without the need of a car. You could get ready a few minutes you and never be late to school or work. If you want to go to a place and you don't have the tickets or permission to enter, you could just run so fast that no one would notice you and that way you'll get to be there without complications. If you want to take your date to Italy to eat pizza, you could just run there, eat pizza, and be back the same day. You could sneak out from your house and go to the party your parents did not allow you to go to, and they would never know. You would be able to go anywhere, at any time and all the times you want.

Having super human speed gives you more than just the ability to run fast, but the opportunity to do many things while you are running. With this super power, life would be much more exciting and you would have less things to worry about. A great superpower is one that will bring you happiness, and at the same time will solve your problems or allow you to help others.That is what being a flash is, having the capacity of doing great things for others, as well as for yourself, in many different

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