Super Sad True Love Story

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Super Sad True Love Story, America, next to of course god america i, and I, Too, Sing America, are all story/poems that in some form or another address the theme of American exceptionalism and patriotism. In each of the titles, it is established that America is not as revered as it once was or possibly could be and that change needs to take place. Through dystopian tales, satirical speeches and exaggerated ideals the authors of these works of literature try to identify the issues faced in American society. Super Sad True Love story is a novel set in a futuristic world that portrays America as a dystopia. The conditions of the country are horrible; the dollar is extremely unstable, literacy has gone down the drain, privacy is virtually…show more content…
Similar to Marx, Ginsberg is against the idea of a small fraction of the people having significant control and power. Even though the poem is harsh on America, the goal of the author is not to shun or shame the country but try to better it. He is an extremely critical patriot trying to correct America’s flaws. e. e. Cummings’ next to of course god america i deals with the irrationality of blind patriotism and the manipulation of people for certain goals. The poem is largely one long sentence, an individual giving a speech in regards to patriotism halfheartedly. The author asserts how patriotism is being used as an excuse to justify and carry out potentially heinous deeds without any repercussions. In the beginning of the poem Cummings portrays patriotism as it is usually seen by using typical songs and phrases. Later on however, his tone changes and he becomes satirical and dark. He mocks individuals who “[do] not stop to think [but] die instead.” The speaker shows how the negative aspects of war are being disregarded due to patriotism being used to manipulate people into accepting detrimental ideas and actions. In regards to patriotism, Cummings asks the question “then shall the voice of liberty be mute?” This inquiry ridicules the narrow-minded idea that who so ever contests the traditional idea of patriotism is un-American. Unlike America by Ginsberg which addresses its problems
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