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SuperTraining Corporation CS782Session2 2012 Revision: 1.6 Author: Thomas G. Meyer Date March 27, 2012 Table of Contents Assumptions 3 Section 1: Overview 3 Section 2: Manufacturing Information Systems 4 Section3: User Communication systems 5 Section4: Customer Relationship Management Systems 6 Section 5 Sales and Marketing Information Systems 7 Section 6: Firewalls 8 Section 7: Audio and Video Streaming 9 Section 8: Summary of Topics Not Chosen 11 Bibliography 12 Revision History 14 ABSTRACT This paper is about how SuperTraining Corporation can best utilize various IT resources to gain a competitive adavanted in the area of on-line training and eduction. Some topics sucha as e-commerce, network…show more content…
SuperTraining should utilize current software to advertize on the web and socical media in order to atract new customers and CRM is necessary to facilitate that. Their Sales and Marketing Information Systems should fall in line with CRM and are important because without marketing, sales will deminish. In today’s market, no company can stand on it’s product with out new marketting ideas much like what Kimberly Clark did when they revampted their Kleenex® by allowing people to send the new product to friends via (Jack Neff, 2011). SuperTraining will need Firewall security to prevent unwanted intrusion form out side hackers. Not only do they need to secure the private information for each student but they also need to be conerned about on-line payments and keeping credit card or bank system imformation private. Audio and Video Streaming is also important to SuperTraining’s business model because many of the classes, such as math, are taught on-line where on-site instruction is not needed. I metion these 6 topics as important not to say that other topics are not important, just that I perceive them to be most important to keep Super Training’s business model agile. Section 2: Manufacturing Information Systems SuperTraining needs good Manufacturing Inforamtion Systems [MIS] as denoted in the graphic below byNavneet Mehta showing how MIS is part of a
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