Super U Supply Chain Management

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which activities are managed is significant for a company 's success. Moreover, the supply chain management is crucial within a firm 's processes since it incorporates activities in which intermediate goods and final products are given to consumers through a distribution system. It is important to analyse it and take into consideration that this subject matter has a great impact within business procedures. The main objective of our project is to study System U North West 's supply chain management. This analysis could be made because of an interview with the Product Manager, Mr. Ledu. Also, it is intended to use the concepts and knowledge learned in Operations Management and apply them into real life. It is significant to note that we…show more content…
Therefore, they are responsible that the fresh products arrive on time, at a good temperature and with a solid packaging. Also, they have to make sure that the sell date has not been exceeded and that expired products should be destroyed. Logistic Process Process System U North West is the central purchasing center since it supplies the super market store chain in the Normandie, Northern and Parisian regions. The market store chain is formed by Marché U, System U and Hyper U. This central core deals with the reception and delivers orders of five warehouses. These are managed through the informatics ' systems of Carpiquet and Beuzeville. Furtheremore, Carpiquet is in charge of the fresh products and Beuzeville for the dry ones. Moreover, the high availability vision system is developed in these two places. The receipted orders in the morning have to be delivered the same day. A delay in the delivery could have significant costs and heavily financial loss. This would create dissatisfaction within customers and be prejudicial for the company. Moreover, for the warehouse of Beuzeville which has an entirely informatics system, a durable stop of the system could provoke a break of the picking area (area in which products are stocked), and consequently some inventory costs on the 30 000 m2 of stock, and one or two immobilization days before starting again the activity. After doing a study of the risks and the impacts of
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