Superbosses Research Paper

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‘Superbosses’ are leaders who create other leaders. The most remarkable thing is their genius in recruiting, training and growing human capital. They are confident, competitive and imaginative and act with integrity and authenticity. Their people’s strategies and intuitive hiring set them apart.

They groom unconventional talent and develop future generations of leadership. The quality of talent on their team matters more than stability and they regard turnover as an opportunity to find fresh talent.

Superbosses look for three specific traits above all others – intelligence, creativity and flexibility. They reject preconceived notions of what talent should look like and demonstrate greater openness in hiring without any formal qualifications.
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Glorious bastards care only about winning and getting results; they drive people to perform beyond what seems reasonable and achievable. Nurturers are benevolent. They coach, inspire and mentor. They take pride in guiding talent and care deeply about the success of their
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