Supercar Advantages And Disadvantages

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Have you ever wanted to own a supercar or the problems and the good things about it? On the outside they may look like a super fast car and they look nice with their leather aplustry interior. And the famous celebrities that drive them. So I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of driving a supercar. The disadvantages of owning a supercar on the outside of not knowing any information on them is that they are very expensive. And that is actually pretty true for some people. But if you ask a multimillionaire they might say it's a cost of a used Toyota for them. Some of the famous supercars Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mclaren are pricy. Upwards to $700,000 dollars for a brand new one. But some you can get down to about…show more content…
You do this, because you own a couple hundred dollar car and they have to run very good or you just wasted your money on it. On average a supercar needs maintenance 3 times a month for free. But you can get the premium maintenance for an extra 100 dollars. That is how they make their money! So if your going out on a drive with your friend(s) and you get a call from the dealer that the car needs maintenance. It will be a bummer. That is another reason why you shouldn’t buy a supercar. When you buy a supercar there are many reasons why you should buy it. One of them being they are very luxury. If you have ever seen a supercar they always have very nice interior like leather seats, hand stitched stitching, and some a diamond and rose gold dashboard. But that is what you should get when you buy a super expensive car. Most people that want to pay a little extra money for it can get customized seats or an interior change. But again that is if you have the money for it! Some people can get their names customized into it, but that costs extreme cash! That is why you should consider buying a supercar. Another reason that you should buy a supercar is that they are very fast! In all seriousness i'm pretty sure that almost every person in the world knows that a supercar can accelerate very fast and has a very high top speed. For an example the swedish hypercar maker (try to pronounce this) Koenigsegg has just broke the

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