Superdry Group Report

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Superdry Group Report
Superdry is a clothing company inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003. They aim to create clothing that incorporates 3 cultures: Japanese, American and British. They manage to do so by merging together British tailoring with Americana design, with subtle hints of Japanese characters. As a result, Superdry is a unique clothing brand with an exceptional amount of detail, leading to it being a very popular brand for those 16-35. Another aspect that has made the brand so popular is the fact that many celebrities have been pictured wearing the brand. The most famous of these is probably David Beckham who was snapped wearing their “Brad” leather jacket, which then went on to sell 77,000 in just 2 years. This report aims to
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Another reason could be that Superdry is a very distinctive brand, with its bright colours, contemporary design and Japanese characters in all of their clothing. Due to the economic downturn many mid-range high street stores are closing down or suffering from a lack of sales, but not Superdry. They are one of very few stores that are actually doing well through this period. Due to Superdrys success and distinctive look, other companies have openly looked to copy them. Some comical examples of these are Superfry and Silverdry. As a result, Superdry spends £1million a year preventing people from copying their clothing. In 2009, the Times ran a story about Superdry employing two bodyguards to prevent unaccredited buyers from entering and taking pictures at a German trade fair. Primark started selling an almost identical jacket to that of the one David Beckham was snapped in. Superdry seeked for compensation, and Primark were ordered to stop producing the jacket and give up any remaining stock. Dids McDonald, CEO of ACID (Anti-Counterfeiting In Design) had this to say: “The investment incentive is not there for some retailers do the design, research and development; instead retailers look at what’s selling – and it tends to be design-led companies that bring out the hottest stuff – take it, change it a bit and hope that’s OK. To bring a product to market takes
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