Superego In The Movie Regarding Henry

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In the movie Regarding Henry,Harrison Ford is playing a man named Henry ,Henry is a lawyer with a wife and a daughter named Rachel. He was working on a very big case regarding this old man going against the hospital and Henry wins the case. When he gets home ,he and his daughter gets into a fight over the piano. He goes to a party when he comes home from the party his wife makes him apologize to his daughter for his behavior. He goes to his room to go to bed and join his wife and realizes that he is out of cigarettes, so he goes to a convenience-store to buy a pack of cigarettes and when he walks in he sees a gentleman standing at the counter with his hand in his jacket. Completely ignoring the fact that it was silent and obviously this is…show more content…
Later the police knock on the doors of Henry’s home and informs his wife that Henry has been shot and is at the hospital. In the hospital he forgets what had happened he forgets pretty much everything that has happened. In thinking of the Id and superego effects I think in the first part of the movie Henry was Id but after he got shot he was more of a superego person being that the fact he was so controlling in the beginning of the movie and then he was so caring and nice after he was shot and had to go through rehab.If I had a to pick I would say that he was Superego because he was Id in the beginning and the rest of the movie he had a moral principle.In Sigmund Freud’s studies he was saying that he suggested that everyone has a large unconcious. Which means that we are aware of our conscious for example if you want a drink you go get a drink. Freud was very successful in his studies.This movie is to show how people have so many different personalities in life. He was this very controlling person in the beginning of the movie and then is a sweetheart after the accident he’s affectionate and fun very loving.He changed his ways with his wife and daughter he takes his wife’s hand out in public.He learns how an unscrupulous lawyer he was and decides to change his ways and quits his job as a
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