Superhero Worship By ' The Atlantic Virginia Postrel '

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In her essay, “Superhero Worship” published in The Atlantic Virginia Postrel discusses how people limit themselves to try to become what they are not. Although people view celebrity impact on society as positive, Postrel argues that superhero’s or celebrities limit ordinary people 's lives because they strive to be what they can not. The author talks about how the word glamour has changed over the years, and how different the definition has become. Postrels’ definition is “it is an imaginative process that creates a specific, emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes and audience’s hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to sustain…show more content…
It puts the viewer of the movie in the position to think that they too can be a superhero and fly, but like postrel says only if you are in love with it and allow it to take over the reader or viewers everyday life. On the other hand, Postrel points out the negative side effects that come with obsessively worshiping and idolizing celebrities. An article by Michael R. Hyman and Jeremy J. Sierra talks about why people idolize celebrities and how it can negatively affect someone. They say that “Once parents, advertisers, sport team/leagues are sensitized to the problem, adolescent hero worship of sport celebrities can be mitigated as a likely gateway to many adults ' unhealthy obsession with celebrities” (Hyman, Sierra, 2010 p.226). The authors are telling the reader that if you idolize them as children when they grow up it can turn into a worship, leading to many forms of unhealthy obsessions. The author uses this device to prove the point that celebrities are not all of the positive role models that they are shown to be. Members of society place super heroes or celebrities on pedestals but do not show some of the negativity that they cause. One way postrel says to fix this problem is to “give the audience an insider’s view”(Postrel). What he means is that now instead of unrealistic situations in comic books, the super hero’s are put in everyday real world situations. This allows the reader to see that they are
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