Superheroe In The Incredibles

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Pixar’s take on the superhero genre led to the critically acclaimed release of The Incredibles. The film introduces the audience to a family of “ex- superheroes” who were forced to fit in with the rest of society. A mad inventor is later revealed to have evil intentions on eradicating the last of the superheroes and it is up to the Incredible family to save the day.With such an action packed and adventurous plotline, it was crucial that Pixar find a composer capable of matching the same intensity. Composer Michael Giacchino was called up to the challenge and established a monumental performance for his major box office debut. In a review of the movie’s soundtrack, it was praised as one critic wrote, “Rambunctious themes are highlighted by wailing brass and wild percussion, and…show more content…
In one of the beginning scenes, Mr. Incredible is on-route to catch some thieves fleeing from the scene, similar to something out of a James Bond movie. It is hard for the viewer to remain calm as the music quickly moves into the fast-paced repetitions of a piano accompanied by the jazzy melody of a 60’s saxophone. This fast paced rhythm becomes the heartbeat of the entire scene creating a sense of urgency for the situation at hand with audience members stressing to keep up with the evading criminals. Without even knowing the full extent of the scene, including what crime these felons had committed or what would become of them once they got caught, it is the exuberating intensity of the music that is acting as an adrenaline-induced toxin giving the moviegoers the feeling of almost being right alongside Mr. Incredible himself. All perceptions of being just a spectator are lost as the music fully immerses the viewers with each screech of the trumpets producing a butt-clenching result while they narrowly weave through traffic closing the gap on their
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