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With the increasing popularity, Superheroes have slowly evolved into the media industry, and has become a mainstream entertainment for the general public for decades, it’s vast popularity has both entertained and influenced the world; both adults and children alike. Lately, an issue was stated; this issue involves the similarities between the Philippine and foreign superhero film industry in terms of concepts, design and plot. Some call it plagiarizing while others call it an inspiration in which resulted in confusion in the public and the media for awhile. This paper aims to ask the perception of the local public about the issuethat most of the Philippine superhero filmsis mostly inspired from foreign superhero films.

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But what is a superhero? What sets it apart from a normal person? Superheroes are subsets of heroic figures that came to be possessed by superhuman qualities (Danny Fingeroth, 2004). They have powers and abilities far beyond of those ordinary mortals. They pursue justice and defend the defenseless, helping those who cannot help themselves and with the force of good they overcome evil. (“Superheroes and Philosophy,” 2005) But what is the history of the making of these extraordinary characters? Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman and countless other superheroes have been in the media for the past decades. Superheroes have not only been created to be a source of entertainment to the general public, but also for increasing awareness. Since 1938, superheroes were made to deal with drugs, alcohol, and other social issues to increase awareness to the readers. Not only did these superheroes gave awareness, it’s vast influence on modern culture also gave hope, creativity and wonder to the public during harsh times especially with children. Eventually, superheroes have been adopted to cinema and became the main attraction for both fantasy and sci-fi films. Superheroes have also been chosen numerous times to be the subjects of big-budget motion pictures. Take, for example, the Stan Lee’s Comics; as of March 2012, Stan Lee’s comics had been adapted into Hollywood many
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