Superior Edge Analysis

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Reflection Paper Superior Edge

Superior Edge is an amazing program and each edge has left a big impact on me and my future. Through this program, I received an opportunity to keep a log of my volunteer experiences. Superior edge also challenged me in the type of volunteer I participated in. For example, having to reach a certain amount of house for civic engagement, domestic and international diversity was a challenged. Essentially the program encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer in different ways by giving back to the community and being self-aware of the skill I learned.
I gain so much from the citizenship edge. I am impacted by this edge because I am a more involved and engaged citizen. I participated
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This edge impacted me in many ways. It allowed me to learn, participate, and embrace other’s culture and events. Looking back, I participated and coordinated some really cool events. One special event was the All Nations Night. An event where international students got a chance to bring their countries to the U.S. through games and food. Everyone joined together for great food, fun games, and an opportunity to learn about culture and countries. Upon completion of this edge, I developed an appreciation for all aspects of diversity. From race to diversity in age. I increased my knowledge of different cultures and I appreciate what makes me different.
The leadership edge was the easiest for me. As a natural leader, I’m always looking to put my skills to use. However, this edge was great because I was able to learn about the different types of leadership and how ethic and theory plays a role in an effective leader. I received several opportunities that allowed me to learn about group’s dynamics and processes. Additionally, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. I received a lot of leadership from logging my Resident Adviser training. Through training, we learned so much about leadership and different approaches.
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