Superior Supply Chain Management Of Li And Fung Ltd

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Superior supply chain management in Li and Fung Ltd Li and Fung Ltd are a global supply chain management business based in Hong Kong. They are the world’s leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company. Li and Fung Ltd have 5 steps they follow to be successful leaders in their field. These steps are, ‘We collaborate’ with our customers to meet their individual needs. ‘We Innovate’ and develop products and customize services for our customers. ‘We source’ our great products from supplies all around the world. ‘We Oversee’ and our hands-on approach allows us to manage every aspect. ‘We deliver’ so our products get where they need to be when they need to be there. These key and well thought out steps have allowed Li and Fung Ltd to have substantial customer appreciation allowing them to be the leaders in their field. Li and Fung Ltd began operating in 1906 mainly trading in silk and porcelain however over the next 110 years it has grown to a multinational company with more than 25 000 staff operating in 40 countries worldwide 1) Discuss the relationship between the international supply chain as shown in figure 13.1 and Li and Fung’s seven principles of supply chain management. What are the key success factors within the international supply chain activities? The Li and Fung research centre has advocated the following seven core principles as being imperative for a successful global supply chain manager. 1. Customer-centric and market demand-driven focus 2. Outsourcing

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