Superiority Complex in Humans: War of the Worlds Essay

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H. G. Wells, author of the science fiction novel The War of The Worlds, used irony and foreshadowing to portray the theme that humans have a superiority complex that makes them think they have control and that they are the superior race. H. G. Wells is often regarded as the father of modern science fiction. Herbert George Wells was born in Bromley, in the south of England on September 21, 1866. Wells was not born into a wealthy family. Sarah Wells was born on October 10, 1822. As a job Sarah Wells became a domestic servant. When Wells was a child he got hurt playing cricket this was a future altering injury because while he wasn’t able to do anything he started to read a lot which gave him the love for literature and writing. Joseph and…show more content…
G.” 122). In 1895 Wells divorced Isabel and married Amy Catherine Robbins who was a student Wells once taught. In 1901 Wells and his wife Amy welcomed their son in the world George Philip Wells. In 1903 there was the birth of Wells second son Frank Richard Wells. In 1914 it was Wells first time visiting Russia and in that same year Wells third child Anthony West was born. Wells felt that the world should be at peace so to try and do that he promoted the League of Free Nations. Then in 1922 Wells became a member of the Labor Party. Wells also accepts the Labor Candidacy to be the lord rectorship at Glasgow University but he was defeated. Throughout the year’s when Wells was married to Amy Catherine he started to have relationships with other women because Wells believed that you should not be tied down by your wedding vows you should be able to have relations outside of marriage. In 1927 Wells wife Amy Catherine died unexpectedly (Abrams 106+). Wells had other jobs besides writing which were being a bookkeeper, tutor, and journalist until he turned 29. At the age of 29 he became a full-time writer. Another job that he had was to create a collection of wall diagrams for A. V. Jennings who was an old schoolmate of his. In 1888 his first major literary work the uncompleted Chronic Argonauts was published in the Science schools journal. Wells received an offer for a job to teach at the Henley House School his job was to be in
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