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MD13-0005 Case Analysis: SuperJuice I. Problem Statement * Facts of the Case Luisa de la Cruz, CEO of SuperJuice * Worked her way up the corporate ladder for 15 years SuperJuice - a Florida-based company that produces and markets juice drinks to high schools and restaurants throughout the Southeast * The most successful juice drink maker in the region for almost two decades * Established efficient sets of system both in the factory and at the headquarters * Managers focus on making high-quality products with minimum expenses * Most of the company’s 200 employees had joined the company right after graduating (high school or college) and liked how the company operated * Employees…show more content…
This could point to the lack of business intelligence and competitive intelligence in the company. Perhaps SuperJuice did not utilize specialized software to search through massive amounts of internal and external data to spot patterns, trends and relationships regarding the sales of their juices and their marketing efforts. At the same time, they probably did not make good use of competitive intelligence or activities that derive information about their rivals. This is why they were caught off-guard when the competitors released exotic juices that were unexpectedly patronized by the consumers, including the youth. This overall lack of effort in fulfilling their boundary-spanning roles (coordination of the organization with key elements in the external environment) had substantial impact on the decisions made by SuperJuice. Aside from the external environment, the internal environment or the organizational culture established within SuperJuice also needs to be evaluated. Culture is defined as key values, beliefs, understandings and norms shared by members of an organization. For SuperJuice, this includes the values of punctuality, working at a high efficiency, and never questioning authority. Their organizational culture also reflects the values of their Cuban-born founder, which explains why the company is described as a traditional and family-oriented business entity. This is seen in

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