Supermarket Industry: Kroger and Safeway

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Kroger and Safeway belong to the supermarket industry. In the supermarket industry, the business environment is quite competitive. Besides the traditional grocers, there are now many different types of retailers all fighting to obtain a share of the food wallet. Customers have a huge selection of where to buy their groceries. Not only do the customers have the choice to pick supermarkets around the neighborhood, they also have the option to shop at alternative retailers, such as national discount chains and warehouse stores. From an operating perspective, supermarkets are a homogenous group, meaning similar to each other. Factors that contribute to the differences among the supermarket are geography and store formats. The supermarket industry is faced with the challenges of maintaining market share and profits while attempting new strategies and store formats in an effort of trying to make the store stand out from the other retailers. Major demographic and consumer lifestyle changes have affected not only how consumers shop but also where they shop. Traditional supermarkets have been in a decline since shoppers now spend less and how frequently they shop in a particular store. While some supermarket operators continue to attempt to cut costs so they can offer reduced everyday prices, they find this to be a tough approach when competing with low cost operators like Wal-Mart and Costco. Besides competition with other retail stores, many super markets face the bargaining power

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