Supermarket Information System

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Executive summary M&M is a chain of supermarkets that operates in Gatwick, UK. Their daily trading includes transacting of groceries, frozen foods, dairy products, brews, fizzy drinks and other consumable items. Their processing is mostly manual and run based on cash register concept of processing transaction. Lately they have discovered that their valued customer are quite unhappy at the amount of time spends at the cashier's counter to pay for their purchases. Some customer has suggested the implementation of cashless mode of payment as well as phone-delivery mode of services so that they would avoid the hassle of shopping during the winter days. Hence the management of M&M has decided to upgrade their service by introducing automated…show more content…
Once they have finished shopping, at the point-of-sales or cashier, the computer there will automatically read the shopping data from the bar-code reader and sum up the total bills you have to pay. If the customer has missed scanning one of the items, the reminder from the bar-code reader could recognize it and give a warning. Besides that, the bar-code reader can show many advertising on its screen such as the discounted products of the day, assign the customer to the available or least queued cashier and other news and functions. The payment method is by using cashless method by means of credit card, debit card, smart card or cash card. The cashless method of payment can be reviewed on the appendixes. There will be the need of the customer to pack their own items after the payment since there is no person in charge of the cashier. In other words this is the DIY supermarket. About the communication of the processor, I implement a several different method in the LAN area such as; firstly, the barcode reader will interact with the processor at the cashier by using wireless LAN. Each barcode reader and the processor will be equipped with wireless card. From the processor, a modem and router are also needed in order to connect to the multi channels of devices. The printer to print the receipt is attached to the processor in the cashier as well as the card payment
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