Supermarket Retailing in Brazil and India

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Supermarket Retailing in Brazil and India Introduction Major grocery retailers in the United Kingdom such as Tesco and Sainbury's are faced with a number of challenges and opportunities in their commercial operations at home and abroad. Indeed, grocery retailers such as Tesco are pursuing innovative home delivery schemes whereby consumers can complete all of their otherwise onerous grocery shopping chores online. Likewise, many of these major grocery retailers are expanding their operations abroad in an effort to grow their businesses in other countries. As the global middle class continues to increase in numbers, the selection of countries appropriate for expansion has become even more difficult. To determine which country is best suited for a major UK-based grocery retailer for expansion abroad, this paper provides a review of the literature concerning the respective political, economic, social and technological aspects of grocery retailing in Brazil and India, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion. Part One: Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analyses Brazil Political. Despite the highest per capita GDP in South America and significant reforms in recent years, Brazil is still faced with high levels of crime as well as highly unequal income distribution (Brazil, 2012). Nevertheless, a stable political system and business-friendly environment has contributed to the country's impressive economic growth in recent

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