Supermarkets Are Well Thought Out Establishments

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Supermarkets are well thought out establishments that a majority of Americans rely on. A certain science contributes to every product, end cap, and shelf being placed in every store across the entire world. Supermarkets prey upon customers’ attractiveness to sales. Extensive research has been compiled to show what a person will buy and why. Stores tend to place high profit products on end capes. Supermarkets’ try to influence customers to buy the products that will earn the store the most money. There is no coincidence the products we mostly buy are located in the back of the store. Large stores offer deals and sales on the products they want, so a customer will most likely purchase more. Stores offer thousands of different…show more content…
Shortly after reading the title, one can determine Nestle opposes supermarkets. “Prime Real Estate,” indicates large supermarkets are feeding grounds against unsuspecting customers. Supermarkets can determine what somebody will buy based on where the store places certain products. Stores are merely concerned with profitability and flourish on customer’s impulse purchases, prosper on the convenience of the product’s placement, and in fact cause obesity among Americans. Supermarkets are taking advantage of our unconscious mind and we are purchasing products on impulse. Extensive research concludes that the average customer will stray away from their shopping list and will purchase something on impulse. 70% of buyers bring lists into the store; roughly 10% of shoppers stick to their list (Nestle, 2006, p. 504). When a shopper buys products on an end shelf; managers have succeeded. Milk, meats, and bread are located towards the back of the store by design. Managers and owners cause customers to walk past as many products as possible before they pick up the products they went into buy. Certainly, during every shopping experience a customer will encounter an end cap. To introduce ongoing sales, stores compile extra products at the end of isles. The customer cannot help but notice the gigantic stockpile of potato chips right in front of them for a
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