Supermaximum Security Prisons Essay

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The correctional system has tried to determine what the best method for dealing with criminals is, particularly criminals who are deemed to be the "worst criminal" type. There are two different models that have been suggested, the dispersion model and the consolidation model. To define it simply, the dispersion model "scatters offenders with unusually dangerous histories or disruptive behavioral patterns throughout the correctional system, thus avoiding a concentration of such offenders in any one location" (Hickey, 2010, p. 208). The consolidation model "involves placing all highly dangerous inmates at one location and controlling them through reliance on heightened security procedures" (Hickey, 2010, p. 209). Of course, each of …show more content…
437). This case also uncovered information pertaining to guards covering up for each other and union officials using their power to stop official investigations (Pollock, 2010). Generally speaking, this type of conduct is not all that uncommon in corrections. However, in terms of supermax facilities it cannot be suddenly acceptable for brutality and lack of medical care to occur just because the criminals are considered "the worst of the worst" (Hickey, 2010). Another problem with Supermax prisons is the procedure for transfer. Allegations have been made suggesting that those types of prisons are being used for individuals that are not particularly dangerous and are more analogous to troublemakers. In addition, there are reports of mentally ill individuals being sent to supermax prisons because of the individual’s inability to control their own behavior. It has be determined that the conditions in the supermax prisons cause mentally ill individuals to become more ill due to isolation and lack of medical care (Pollock, 2010). As previously discussed, these types of prison conditions are associated with increased rate of mental illness. Should mentally ill inmates be sent to supermax prisons? Even individuals that agree with the use of supermaximum security prisons identify the mentally ill as a group that should not be sent to supermax prisons. The mentally ill are placed in the same category as inmates "who
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