Supernatural Experiences And Gender Discrimination. Ana

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Supernatural experiences and gender discrimination. Ana Castillo’s So Far From God (1993) has many instances of magical realism within it. Political messages can be interpreted through the novel’s use of this magical realism. Several instances of patriarchy within Latino culture set the stage for women to move beyond gender roles within this novel. I interpreted the use of magical realism to be used as a symbol for woman to move beyond patriarchy to find independence and identity. What does this say about the status of women (in terms of gender roles) within this novel’s Latino culture? Are they free to live their lives through gender discrimination? Through the support of scholarly sources, I will analyze ways in which Castillo’s writing…show more content…
She is too constrained as a woman. Regardless of the actual cause of death, I interpreted her disappearance as an outlet to finding herself (liberation). Her death signifies that there was void that could not be filled in the “real” reality. She is liberated to another world through her mysterious “death”. Because these deaths are not voluntary, the message sent from Castillo to the reader is not the lengths that these women go through to reach that freedom and liberation, rather, it is that it took an unexpected accident for these women to be removed from an unhappy and unfair life, away from reality, to a new one. It is clear to the reader that Castillo distinguishes reality and magical realism through these unexpected deaths of the daughters. However, it is La Loca’s mysterious death and ceremonial resurrection that serves as the most important symbol in this novel. I interpreted the scene where La Loca ascends in the air, as a liberation. Lo Loca never left the house and was literally stuck inside one place; that Holy Friday was “the only occasion… [where] Loca went into the world” (Castillo, 238). La Loca transcends beyond her ordinary world, into one where she is free. This is perhaps the largest political message sent by Castillo to the reader. In her personal life, author Ana Castillo put a halt to her Catholic beliefs at the age of 18 and “the ‘magic’ found within the pages of So Far From God is modeled on religious miracles

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