Supernatural In Macbeth Essay

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Once Macbeth wins several battles and conquers the armies of the king of Norway he meets three witches that prophesize him to be Throne of Cawdor and then King. This is the first supernatural instance we are shown in the play. He begins to think and believe these things to be true. Once Angus and Ross come to tell him the king has named him Thane of Cawdor and Banquo is even shocked by this news. Macbeth now believes he can be king but now Banquo warned him that evil doesn’t tell the truth but Macbeth was already dazed and greedy to be King. Macbeth sends Lady Macbeth a letter with his new found title as throne of Cawdor. He also includes the in-depth details of what the witches’ prophesized to him and Banquo and tells her that his new title was one of them. Lady Macbeth then calls on the powers of evil herself to help her to help her husband. Basically she asks evil to overtake her to do the evil that needs to be done to make her husband King. When the King arrives Lady Macbeth is very cordial to him. She is very ruthless now. Macbeth himself has second thoughts but the evil Lady Macbeth mocks him and says that his ambitions to be king is very little and says that he is a coward. In one instance she compared him to a cat that feared wet feet. All the while Banquo is being haunted in his own dreams about the witches. When it comes time for Macbeth to kill the King, he starts to second guess the situation. A dagger then appears to be hanging in midair in
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