Supernatural In Macbeth Research Paper

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Shakespeare Supernatural
Most people have their own perspective on supernatural, but questionable with the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. In Shakespeare time the people wanted the unreal in a play. His perspective of supernatural was witches, ghost, magic, unnatural, and evil which clearly he interoperated in the play “Macbeth,” as for an example he uses some unusual looking women with the power to control the weather, and to be able to predict the future. The three witches are Shakespeare’s perspective of supernatural. Shakespeare people strongly saw the world as if there was supernatural all around us and most people were afraid of it, so frighten even the king of that time, King James l of England. Ever since they were introduce with the topic, Shakespeare play Macbeth became a relatively true to the people in that time. The plays theme “supernatural,” was a 17th century remarkably coming to the modern day horror stories. The play starts with a supernatural scene, which the three witches come in as who they are specifically, and what they are capable of. “…we three meet again in thunder, lighting or in rain?….When the battle’s lost and won….That will be ere the set of sun….There to meet with Macbeth.” In this scene the world’s
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Supernatural will always be a topic of all good and evil with what it really lies, which is reality. Macbeth is an outstanding play that was used to entertain or amuse the king of his time King James l with his most fear of all supernatural contents. Perspectives of what people might have missed during the plays action rise into always a loss of cheating the laws of physics and forgetting what is real and isn’t. As it has been proven there are no such thing in this world, but that there is another dimension where we remain not just only one but
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