Supernatural Malevolence In Macbeth Essay

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The Supernatural Malevolence in Macbeth

In William Shakespeare’s time, around the 1600’s, the idea that the supernatural existed was very common. It often can be found in his works, as he has a weakness for dark themes and tragedies. In Macbeth, an impressionable, Scottish General goes to great lengths in order to achieve the title of The King. Witchcraft looms incessantly throughout the play, creating destruction and decay in its path. The supernatural that lingers over Macbeth has a vital role in motivating his homicidal actions, doing so through Lady Macbeth, delusions, and a prophecy.
To begin with, Lady Macbeth is the direct reason Macbeth murders Duncan, the King. She encourages and manipulates him into murder, as she believes
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The spell that was placed on her is diminishing over time, and she is no longer tainted with dark witchcraft; abundant guilt can no longer be overlooked. Shakespeare makes an obvious connection between Lady Macbeth and the supernatural influence, which leads her to encourage Macbeth into killing. It proves just how wicked the supernatural is, and how it heavily motivated Macbeth into committing the murder he needed to become King.
Next, in Act 2, Macbeth states that he can see a floating dagger in front of him, as he is on his way to execute the King. This dagger is a supernatural object created from the hands of the witches, to ensure that Macbeth can carry out the immoral action. When spotting the knife, he exclaims, “… Or art thou but / A dagger of the mind, a false creation / Proceeding from the heat-oppressèd brain? / I see thee yet, in form as palpable / As this which now I draw. Thou marshall’st me the way that I was going” (2.1.38-43). This quote makes it very clear that the dagger is not a real knife, and that it is a fabric of his imagination. It is reasonable to say that the Wtches created this delusion in Macbeth’s mind, since they are capable of manipulating people with dark magic. Specifically, they swayed Lady Macbeth earlier in the play to become even more twisted than she was. Moreover, Macbeth also states that the dagger pushed him in the direction that he was already going, which illustrates how the Witches are

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