Supernatural Motives in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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From the beginning, the witches were Macbeths biggest problem. If Macbeth would have never met the three wyrd sisters in the woods that day, he would have never thought to kill King Duncan. From that day on the witches stayed inside Macbeths head and pretty much controlled his thoughts. Lady Macbeth didn't help much with the situation when she called to the demonds and asked them to unsex her and turn her into a non feminine murderer, to do bloody deeds to obtain the crown. When Macbeth began to have doubts about killing King Duncan, he was then shown the floating dagger. Then because Banquo was with Macbeth when they met the wyrd sisters, Macbeth had to kill him because he knew Banquo had suspicions. After he had Banquo killed he went to see the witches again. This time the head witch, Hecate found out what the three sisters were doing and decided to have them play a good trick on Macbeth this time. When Macbeth first met the witches he didnt even know what or who they were. They all said hail Macbeth which confused him. This was part of their plan of telling Macbeth he was to get the crown. After Macbeth left and headed back, he started to think hard about how much he wanted that crown. Macbeth was suppose to be King Duncans friend, not his killer. His job was to protect the king, but his thoughts the witches put in his head about the power he could have overcame his duties. He contemplated in his head and even wrote Lady Macbeth a letter telling her about what hes been
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