Supernatural Show Research Paper

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It’s late at night and you are up with your friends telling scary ghost stories or daring them to do the classic game Bloody Mary. Eventually the fun ends sending you back into reality until you turn on one of the best supernatural shows or movies out there escaping once more. Supernatural shows and movies are all good , but the best share similar qualities.
In order for a supernatural show to be the best it needs to have some form of forbidden love. One example of this is in The Vampire Diaries between two characters, Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore. Stefan is a vampire through the show and soon falls in love with Elena who is a human. A human and vampire being in love is forbidden or frowned upon in supernatural shows and movies. Another example is in the
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In the show charmed Piper one of the three sisters and her husband who is a whitelighters child Wyatt Halliwell soon develops powers out of the nowhere. What makes Wyatt's so interesting is he's a mix between a witch and a whitelighter. Another example takes place in the show Supernatural. Sam Winchester was given blood from a demon when he was a baby , and now years later he begins to crave demon blood. Soon Sam finds out when he drinks the blood from a demon he gets the ability to pull demons out of human bodies with just his mind and hands. This happening made viewers even more on the edge of their seats waiting for more. Witches of East End is a popular show based on witches . When one of the main characters Freya develops powers it's not so much a shock, but makes the show more interesting. When supernatural shows have a character unexpectedly develop powers it makes them one of the best. These are examples as to when a character develops powers unexpectedly made the show or movie one of the
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