Supernatural, Supernatural And Supernatural

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The “Supernatural” is something that defies the laws of physics, and is said to exists above and beyond nature. In early British texts many writers used the supernatural and magical power to enhance their characters being. They made them above others and noble, in a way that no other character was. Reflecting on the different approaches people conduct when they read and analyze literature, there is a multitude of ways that the supernatural can be interpreted. A reader should consider what is supernatural about a certain situation in the text. Are there faeries, witches, wizards and ghosts? What about spells, dragons or angels and devils? By observation, the supernatural or magical senses usually involve a character with certain power,…show more content…
Every person has there own religion, or none at all but in the same way they are all supernatural to humans. Unless you are a devout Christian, you will not believe in the people that are said to be real. Since there is no proof of a God, a devil, angels, or demons, it becomes supernatural to those who do not believe in them. These stories have significant Christian background as well as all of British literature, which creates the sense of supernatural or magical forces to a reader who is not familiar with them. A person believes in something supernatural, a person believes in Christianity; therefore putting each thought on the same level. Tying Christianity to being a supernatural belief, thought or force, will give insight to how much they both played a role in literature. The supernatural permeates “Doctor Faustus.” It appears everywhere in the story, in a big and small sense. Angels and devils fly all around, magic spells are being cast, dragons pulling chariots and two ostlers, Robin and Rafe, learn enough magic to beckon demons. These occurrences aren’t truly real, they are just a thought, and they are things that don’t actually happen in real life, making them supernatural. In this piece, the supernatural does not have any significant impact but it is clearly present. Faustus conjures up grapes, plays tricks on people and explores the
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