Supernova In The Milky Way

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Have you ever seen a supernova in person, if not not it was probably because Supernovas are difficult to see in our own Milky Way galaxy because of dust blocking our view. Supernovas are 33 light years away. A website called stated “there might be one dangerous supernova event in Earth’s vicinity every 15 million years” . Another says, “that, on average, a supernova explosion occurs within 10 parsecs (33 light-years) of the Earth every 240 million years.”
Only three Milky Way naked-eye supernova events have been observed during the last thousand years, though many have been telescopically seen in other galaxies. The most recent directly observed supernova in the Milky Way was Kepler's Star of 1604 (SN 1604), but remnants of two more recent supernovae have been found retrospectively. Statistical observations of supernovae in other galaxies suggest they should occur on average about three times every century in the Milky Way, and that any galactic supernova would almost certainly be observable in modern astronomical equipment.Supernovas are often seen in other galaxies. A supernova is an Astronomical event that happens when a star explodes. It is
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The colors of violet, rose, blue, orange, mint green, yellow and many more, make it look like a painting. This nebula with a giant star at its center is known as SBW2007, located in the Carina Nebula. A supernova burns for only a short period of time, but it can tell scientists a lot about the universe. One kind of supernova has shown scientists that we live in an expanding universe, one that is growing at an ever increasing rate. Scientists also have determined that supernovae play a key role in distributing elements throughout the universe. When the star explodes, it shoots elements and debris into space. Many of the elements we find here on Earth are made in the core of stars. These elements travel on to form new stars, planets and everything else in the
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