Supersize Me: The Rhetoric of French Fries

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Supersize Me: The Rhetoric of French Fries The United States of America has long been considered a “big nation”, whether is has the biggest cities, houses, and on a negative note, biggest people. In 2003, Morgan Spurlock, a healthy-bodied film director, set on a quest to show America the detrimental effects of the fast food industry and raise awareness on the controversial issue. He produced the documentary “Supersize Me”, where McDonald’s meals were consumed for every meal of the day for thirty days. His film was released to movie theatres so that people could understand the devastating effects of McDonald’s on his body in a very short time span. At the end of his experiment, Morgan gained twenty-five pounds, developed a thirteen percent…show more content…
Without pathos, the documentary would have not affected the audience to the extent that it did. The pathos can be found when the audience is shown the effects that McDonalds had on Spurlock. After just a few days, the viewers were able to witness the pain that he was going through and the emotional impact the McDonald’s had on him. “My body just basically falls apart over the course of this diet,” Spurlock told Newsweek (Lambert 2004). Spurlock’s relationship and his sexual relationship with his girlfriend changed so the viewers were once again able to feel the emotion that Morgan was feeling. The audience was shown how being over-weight could have such an extreme impact on one’s life. Spurlock stated that there are 400,000 deaths a year that are associated with obesity illnesses (Spurlock 2004). He also stated that diabetes is now more common in children every year as a result of fast food and the numbers are continuing to go up if nothing is done to eliminate this spread. Logos is the structure, delivery, word choice, and sound reasoning evident in a work. It is the “that makes sense” logical factor. “Supersize Me” was set up very well to appeal to the audience. Most documentaries are presented in a very monotone manner and the actors in sometimes lack emotion and heart. The way that the documentary was produced made it very easy to pay attention and kept the interest of the audience. One was able to see, especially in Spurlock, that what he was

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