Superstar Athletic Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategies Company Image Superstar Athletics will be a revolutionary, individualized wellness program for youth to promote proper biomechanics and strength training to reduce the amount of injuries seen in the 8-18 year old school athlete population. Our diverse, multidisciplinary staff comprised of occupational therapists and physical therapists are uniquely qualified with certifications in pediatrics, hand therapy, and CSCS with extensive knowledge of biomechanical functioning and application in the sports realm. Superstar Athletics will strive to be the company Marketing/ Promotional Strategies Awareness: Superstar Athletics will bring awareness of our services to the community by promoting our company through…show more content…
Referral sources: Superstar Athletics will promote and grow strong professional relationships throughout the local school systems, youth sporting organizations, and within the medical community to not only build up our clientele base, but also be able to provide a collaborative care system if a client needs to be referred out to a trusted source for further medical attention. Referral sources will include but not be limited to local coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and when appropriate pediatricians. As Southshore Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance Center operates under direct access, recommendations may also come from in-house OT’s and PT’s who deem a youth athlete is more appropriate for the wellness/injury prevention program. We will also build a repertoire with neighboring counties and school systems for further referrals for our unique program catering to youth athletes. Types Public relations: As part of the awareness campaign for Superstar Athletics, we will be involved in community events such as charity events, fundraisers, local sporting events, and other activities throughout the community. It is very important to our staff and company to maintain a great relationship with the community and be regarded as a neighborhood friendly company. Our marketing director will keep a community calendar at all times and coordinate personnel and events. We will also maintain an active advocacy campaign in
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