Superstition : A Sled Hockey Goalie

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1. Superstition: As a sled hockey goalie, my pregame preparation is very superstitious. As a goalie, I despise pucks being placed in my net after pregame warmups. During warmups, the objective is for the position players to being practice their shooting, which ultimately leads to pucks in my net, however once the game has started, any puck that enters my net is seen as a sign of bad luck. I am also superstitious in terms of my obsessive-compulsive disorder. I hesitate to do certain activities, such as turning the television volume to a certain interval because I fear causing bad karma that will lead to bad luck. Intuition: There are numerous instances in which I have gained knowledge via intuition. For instance, last Halloween I saw a black cat, and I was concerned it was a sign of bad luck. Later that night I accidently broke my phone. I am sure there are many times in which I have seen black cats and not thought anything of it, but when it happens on Halloween it suddenly has more of a meaning. I remember a few years ago when I wanted the headphones, Beats by Dre., because all the “cool kids” had them. A lot of famous people wore them, and so they became very popular with public. After doing some research, I later discovered the company spent most of the budget on packaging and advertising and not nearly as much on producing the headphones as other companies who made headphones in the same price range spent on producing the headphones. While the concept of which one is

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