Superstition Of Science, Religion, Harmful Superstition

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Superstition in the, “Joy Luck Club,” is a method used by the mothers to provide comfort and guidance to their daughters, or to scare the daughters into submission. In the book, many times do the mothers resort to using superstition to keep their daughters in line. For example, in page 164, Lena says,”” Aii, Lena,” she had said after that dinner so many years ago, “your future husband have one pock mark for every rice you not finish.”” This of course scares Lena into finishing the rest of her rice because she fears that her future husband will have many pock marks because of her failure to eat the rest of her rice. In the article,” In Age of Science, Is Religion 'Harmful Superstition’?” religion is a harmful way to keep people in the dark…show more content…
Religion isn’t just about people worshipping a god. It’s about following a faith and its morals. Throughout history, people of religious backgrounds such as James Prescott Joules have made significant contributions to science despite the Church condoning it. Superstition is also used to provide a sense of comfort and clarity to their daughters. To illustrate, in page 206, Rose said,” I used to believe everything my mother said, even when I didn 't know what she meant.” Whenever her mother said something she would pass it on as true no matter how fallacious it sounded. This is because humans usually accept the truth that benefits them the most. Now one day in kindergarten I learned that our house was near the Gulf of Mexico, so I was pretty scared about a tsunami engulfing the house in water so I asked my mom and she said, and I quote,” That would never happen, the U.S. has a forcefield around the country to protect us from that.” It wasn’t till around second grade when I figured out that she was lying but I now understand why she did that. Mostly because she wanted me to stop crying but also to comfort me and hide my innocence from the reality of the world. The mothers of the Joy Luck Club have good reason to use superstition and lie to their daughters. It usually makes life easier and makes the daughters somewhat comforted, but it should not be confused with actual religion because religion is more than just a ‘coping’ method. – 650 words The
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