Superstition : Superstition And Superstition

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Jenee Smith English 1102 March 1, 2016 Superstition Superstition refers to unreasonable fear and belief of something that is unknown. The extent of this belief and the fear is common, not only among the illiterate, tribal and senior citizens, but even amongst the educated ones, and the people guided by rational thoughts. Superstitions contain various types, and diverse people of various countries are influenced by these assertions. Some people consider it as a bad sign when someone sneezes while going out. The cry of a lizard or call from behind is measured to be a sign of somewhat not good Level the methodically fundamental Western people reflect thirteen the unlucky number. Behind all these superstitions, people may have some experience or unreasonable belief which has been in common practice from generation to generation. As a matter of fact, every community is subject to superstition in some form or the other. There seems to be no person or community being entirely free from the superstition nature of this world (Dupré, p.23). It should be noted that in our opinion, the notion is natural to any human being. There is nothing to think about it. Even Shakespeare said that there are more things in heaven, and earth thus are dreamt of in our entire philosophy. As a matter of fact, sometimes such things happen, which cannot be justified for any reason with limited human knowledge. But if it is found that superstition proves harmful, it should be our duty to shake off through

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