Supervalu Vs Frosted Flakes

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The differences between the name brand cereal Frosted Flakes and the off brand values, Malt O Meal and SuperValu is that the Frosted Flakes were actually healthier and better for you than the other cereals. The three only had one thing in common and it was 0g Trans. Fat per serving. While Frosted Flakes and Malt O Meal share 0 mg Cholesterol per serving. Out of the three the SuperValu cereal was probably the worst for you with 555g of Calories per serving, and 560mg of Sodium. If I had to chose one cereal out of these three I would probably chose the name brand Frosted Flakes cereal since it has 10g of Sugar, 150mg of Sodium, and only 110g of Calories per serving. In order from best to worst it would probably be Frosted Flakes, Malt O Meal
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