Supervision and Appraisal

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The Role of Supervision and Appraisal in Evaluation
And Development of Teachers by: Loveleih G. Quemado

One of the most significant issues in the field of education is the importance of supervision and appraisal. The high levels of expectation about teachers’ performance and their constant monitoring from administrators have been brought about by rapid changes in educational trends that need assurances about the effectiveness of the educational organisation to deliver services. The controversy about supervision and appraisal has been affected by various issues. Literature reveals that supervision and appraisal have both positive and negative effects on an organisation and that the principles of the leadership affect the implementation.
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When administrators allow the teacher to supervise another teacher, this boosts the morale of a teacher as a professional.

On the other hand, the worst features of supervision are shown in five subcategories: (1) supervision as a dog and pony show, (2) supervision as a weapon, (3) supervision as a meaningless/invisible routine, (4) supervision as a fix-it list, and (5) supervision as an unwelcome intervention (Zepeda and Ponticell, 1998, p.73). This entails teachers delivering fake performances during the observation time since most desire the highest rating possible. It also serves as a weapon for teachers to demonstrate negative sentiments against the administration, especially when teachers are given low ratings. Sometimes, the results are taken for granted and become meaningless if accepted as negative feedback and leading to little or no constructive action for improvement.

Important elements considered in designing supervision and appraisal
It is important to balance the needs of the teachers and the organization. “The core of education is teaching and learning, and the teaching-learning connection works best when we have effective teachers working with every student everyday.” ( Stronge,2002, p.1) It is also necessary to consider the psychological and financial well-being of teachers. Teacher evaluation must be designed in accordance with its broad objectives. These objectives are “accountability-oriented and
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